Thursday, February 12, 2009

La Noche Mormona

Several weeks ago, a family in our branch hosted our first, monthly, "Noche Mormona." Bella spent most of the time exploring the floor and trying to get to the basement stairs. Meanwhile, Ryan and I smoked the competition with our combined international-church-membership-statistics knowledge and won starburst for it. While we were busy winning treats, Bella found a treat of her own, a discarded sucker on the carpet. When we detatched her from it she threw a tantrum that could have won a prize at any checkout stand in the nation. It was cute though, because her tongue, lips and chin were all dyed with her blue slobber.

This was before her first unauthorized taste of candy.


Tiffany Winters said...

gotta love the blue slobber... we had a fun time with that this past week when Bailey gave Alyssa a fruit snack... it was EVERYWHERE.

Cecilia said...

I believe it! I love dealing with the unauthorized treat distribution...especially when it's the relief society ladies with pockets full of cookies. Any ideas?