Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Princess and FrankenRyan

Bella was Snow White this year, in case you didn't notice, or don't know the Disney princess names (she got called Cinderella a couple times). She was quite the trooper, and just like last week, she wouldn't let go of her candy bucket until we put her in bed. By the end she opted to relax in the stroller while we did the work for her. She wouldn't even lift the bucket to make it easier for people to put the candy in it.
Ryan ended up being a quazi-Frankenstein's Monster for Halloween, but it wasn't planned. He was at baseball practice for a tournament he signed up for at work when he got hit in the eye with a fly ball. I was getting Bella ready for bed when he called and told me he had a big surprise. FYI, you shouldn't call your wife and tell her you have a big surprise unless you are talking about a king size Snickers. I was really excited until he walked through the door with an ice pack on his eye. It took until 10 pm to convince him he should get stitches (thanks Anika and Ryan T.) but he didn't go get his 6 stitches until 10 the following morning. Thanks to my googling skills we figured out how to make a butterfly bandage that held him together until then.
By the time he got to work that day pictures of his accident had already circulated the city hall network in an email titled, "Eye Got it!"


Jason and Jami Thomson said...

Those eye pics are sick...but Bella looks adorable AS USUAL :)

Honey Mommy said...

Good thing you talked him into stitches! Yuck!

Luckily our Halloween was less eventful!