Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Greetings from the Harvey family! Since it's too late to acquire many of your addresses, we decided to post our annual Christmas letter. Enjoy!

2008 brought several twists to the Harvey household. In February Celia had an unexpected break from work and school, so she could writhe in pain at home while she passed a kidney stone. We suspect the kidney stone was correlated with the twenty Tums Celia was popping daily to counter her third trimester heartburn.

Although the doctor advised against it, we spent a week in Puerto Rico in March. We checked up with families Celia taught on her mission, swam at the beach that tormented her in her greenie area, and fought corruption in the tourism industry. The Galvez family hosted us. Mandy even gave up her bedroom for a night. The Negrón family was kind enough to let us stay with them too. They resolved our disputations about baby names. Through revelation they discovered the perfect name for our baby girl.

On April 21st 2008, Isabella Cecilia Harvey joined our family weighing 5 pounds 5 ounces. She was very considerate and waited until her mom had finished writing her final papers and cleaning the studio apartment before presenting herself. Celia retired as a driver’s education instructor the day Bella was born.

On May 2nd, a week after Bella arrived, Ryan and Celia graduated Magna Cum Laude from Weber State University. Ryan earned his degree in Political Science and Celia in English. Going to the commencement ceremony seemed too ambitious, even with Lortab. We did dress up in our robes, hats and cords to attend the graduate luncheon though.

A month later we relocated our family to the rolling hills and waving wheat of Kansas. The University of Kansas has the number one master’s program in the country for city management, plus they offered Ryan an awesome scholarship. Since our arrival in early June we have been members of each of the four wards in Lawrence. Last week we were called to serve the Spanish branch in Topeka, making it our fifth ward in six months. Our family boosted sacrament meeting attendance by ten percent. We did warn the Stake President that we wouldn’t be able to complete the two year call because we’ll be moving in May.

This Christmas we want to share our testimonies that we know that Jesus the Christ was born into the world as a helpless child and grew in wisdom, stature and favor with God. He overcame the temptations, injustices, and illnesses of this world before he conquered death. We know that by following his impeccable example we will have peace and joy even in an imperfect world. All of the happiness we have found in life is because of Him.

We love you and wish you all a merry Christmas!

Love, Ryan, Celia, and Bella

Friday, December 5, 2008

Something New

I haven't had time to write a post lately, but I can't stand seeing that awkward picture every time I pull up blogger! So here are some better pictures to look at until I get around to writing something astounding, or even a regular post.

Bella has been crawling for a bit over a month, if you don't count the tummy-drag-scoot. The same day she figured out the arm leg coordination she began pulling herself up on things. Bella's been banging her head on the tile and making messes with anything within her reach ever since.

Asher spices up Bella's life on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. He likes to share sippy cups, spoons, hats, and toys. After he "shares" he applauds and takes it back away. Bella doesn't cry, but that might be because she hasn't developed object permanence yet.

Jimmy Dean loves Bella! When he gets her into his arms, tears stream down his cheeks. We went to visit him and he asked us to take pictures of him with her so he could show his brother-in-law.

Stuck! She was too close to the dresser and car seat and couldn't move. This was her please-help-me-face.

Play time! Since Bella has never seen raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, her favorite things are cell phones and cameras. I'm in favor of letting her chew on the old ones rather than the ones we need. Asher loves them too, except he throws things instead of just slobbering on them. We're working on that.

This was our thanksgiving. We decided, since we don't have any family within fifteen hours of Lawrence, to volunteer at the Ottawa free community Thanksgiving dinner. We loved it, and decided to make it a tradition.

Bella doesn't take breaks from pulling hair and being silly for Thanksgiving day. you can also see the lengths Ryan goes to, to see a football game. The cowboys are barely visible through the fuzz, even with the bunny-ear-antenna draped upside down over the fan.

Playing with the Jazz Bear at the window. Ryan will be so proud of her.