Friday, December 5, 2008

Something New

I haven't had time to write a post lately, but I can't stand seeing that awkward picture every time I pull up blogger! So here are some better pictures to look at until I get around to writing something astounding, or even a regular post.

Bella has been crawling for a bit over a month, if you don't count the tummy-drag-scoot. The same day she figured out the arm leg coordination she began pulling herself up on things. Bella's been banging her head on the tile and making messes with anything within her reach ever since.

Asher spices up Bella's life on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. He likes to share sippy cups, spoons, hats, and toys. After he "shares" he applauds and takes it back away. Bella doesn't cry, but that might be because she hasn't developed object permanence yet.

Jimmy Dean loves Bella! When he gets her into his arms, tears stream down his cheeks. We went to visit him and he asked us to take pictures of him with her so he could show his brother-in-law.

Stuck! She was too close to the dresser and car seat and couldn't move. This was her please-help-me-face.

Play time! Since Bella has never seen raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, her favorite things are cell phones and cameras. I'm in favor of letting her chew on the old ones rather than the ones we need. Asher loves them too, except he throws things instead of just slobbering on them. We're working on that.

This was our thanksgiving. We decided, since we don't have any family within fifteen hours of Lawrence, to volunteer at the Ottawa free community Thanksgiving dinner. We loved it, and decided to make it a tradition.

Bella doesn't take breaks from pulling hair and being silly for Thanksgiving day. you can also see the lengths Ryan goes to, to see a football game. The cowboys are barely visible through the fuzz, even with the bunny-ear-antenna draped upside down over the fan.

Playing with the Jazz Bear at the window. Ryan will be so proud of her.


wilde said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! And Bella is so cute! I love the pictures of her eating the nasty fruits. I guess she'll have to work on developing a taste for those.

Jeanette and Dave said...

You have a beautiful family!

Melanie and Jake said...

If you get one of those HD converter boxes the picture will come in nice and clear. You get $40 off coupon from the government online and then they only cost $10.

Carebear said...

Hey! Kansas city is only 7 hours from us! I wish I'd known you guys were without family and in Kansas! I invited my cousin from my mom's side up from Des Moines to join us - if you wanted to take the trek, you could have come too! I know 7 hours isn't much better than 14, especially with a small child - but if you're up for the trip, we'd love to have you anytime!!