Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is She not the CUTEST!

Bella is still mastering her Christmas toys.
She does so by climbing on top of them.

I've resorted to imprisoning Bella in her crib while I get ready. It's for her own protection. Otherwise she turns up sucking on the toilet seat or eating treasures she finds in the garbage. To the left we see her excitement when she sees me coming toward her (to take a picture). To the right we see her realizing that I'm not going to pick her up yet. Could anyone possibly resist those compelling eyes?


Amy said...

Wow, she has mastered the puppy dog eyes early on in life. What a beautiful little girl! So I just decided... I like arranged marriages. We should arrange for our little ones to marry, that way the combined cuteness will be overwhelming.

Loni said...

Hey! It has been a while since I have said hi and since I check your blog out all the time, I thought I'd put a little comment on here so I don't feel like a blog stalker. :) Your little munchkin is SO cute! She looks just like you! And i have to say, you look awesome! You don't look any different than Jr High even 10 years and a baby later! Way to go! Tell your family hi for me!

amy said...

oh my goodness i cant stand how cute she is! i miss her soooo much, oh and you guys!