Thursday, April 30, 2009

An Unwanted Pancake

On Sunday morning, two weeks ago, we sidled from our apartment laden with the diaper bag, our church bag, and Bella in her car seat. When the car came into view we both saw that it tilted ominously to one side. We hoped we had parked in a hole, but we hadn’t. Our front passenger side tire hung from the rim with its hollow folds resting on the asphalt.

It was possible to arrive in Topeka in time to teach our lessons if we fixed it within half an hour, so Ryan traded his suit for grungy clothes and set to work while I put my make up on, and gave moral support. He jacked up the car and removed the flat without a problem and we thought we would make it, until we found that the new spare tire we just bought didn’t even fit on the wheel. Instead of walking forty miles to our Spanish branch, we decided to go to the University ward down the street.

What a lame spare tire! Why did it say it was for a '97 Sentra? We bought that one to replace the first one that failed us. When Ryan put it on our car two winters ago we discovered that the previous owner had bent the spare's rim beyond what should be possible and that one didn't work either.