Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Party Animals

We did a small birthday party for Bella while we were in Kansas- small, as in just one friend- because Bella seems to get overwhelmed by lots of kids. Asher was not only her honorary guest at her 2nd birthday party, but he was also her first friend ever. When he started playing with Bella more than a year and a half ago he called her "Bubba" and tried to share his sippy cup with her. Now he speaks in full sentences and she has a sippy cup of her own! As I said in the previous post, Bella LOVED playing with Asher. We are so happy that he and his family could come to her birthday celebration at the park. I'll post graduation pictures next.
p.s. Yes, it is a picture of Bella's first *kiss* and we hope there won't be a second until her 22nd birthday.


amy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL!! Miss you sooo much!! wish i could have been there!!

Jason and Jami Thomson said...

Cute!!! You know..I think Addi might have been her first kiss..but Asher can take the title!!!! :) I doubt she'll make it to 22 without another one-she's too stinkin' cute!

Meagan said...

I think Bella is Asher's first kiss too. They are too cute! I know he gave her lots of kisses when we'd watch her when she was a baby but I don't recall if any were on her lips! We're definitely saving this picture!