Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Memories

Sad news: my sister broke her hip.
Good news: she had to take 3 weeks off of work and got to go visit her mother-in-law, whom the couple hasn't seen since their wedding, almost a year ago.
Good news: her mother-in-law lives in Texas, just 4.5 hours from Houston.
Good news: her husband has a brother and sister-in-law who aren't opposed to near-strangers staying in their house, and they also live in the Dallas area.
Good news: we don't have to pay for a hotel and we can see my sister shuffling around with her walker first hand.
What a fun weekend! I was so happy to see Alicia and get to know Ryan and his family better. Being so far from family has made the opportunities to see them much more valuable to us.


Amy Breeden said...

How sweet! Aunties are the very berry best!

Alicia said...

I am such a slacker. I only just read this. It made me smile. I'm still very glad I got to see you too.