Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blessing Suit

I know this is a little out dated (in proportion to Braxton's life span thus far, 1 month is a long time), but here is a belated picture of Brax in his baby blessing outfit. My mom made it for him and he was super cute in it. I would love to tell you that his blessing was amazing and inspiring, but the truth is that I couldn't hear much of it over Bella yelling, "What eee Daddy doeee?" over and over until the blessing was over.

Braxton is now 5 months old and he is still as sweet as ever. We started feeding him rice cereal a week ago and he is such a good eater! He doesn't clamp his mouth shut to prevent food from entering. He doesn't grab the spoon and fling it all over me and the wall and everything else within a 5 foot radius, and he swallows more than he regurgitates. It's amazing. Bella could absorb a few of those qualities and I wouldn't complain.


Amy Breeden said...

So adorable!

Ryan said...

He was blessed on my birthday!!! :) He looks like a stud! Congrats guys! We love and miss ya!