Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Video Time

Bella Singing from Cecilia Harvey on Vimeo.
When I read books to Bella that are written in verse I usually make up a tune and sing it to her instead of reading it to her (it would be appropriate to thank Heaven that you aren't around our house to witness this). Now Bella demands that I sing every book, whether it rhymes or not. Apparently she likes to do the same. Many of you Seuss-ologists out there may recognize her recitation of an excerpt from Hop on Pop.
*note: I know I should have warned you that she is on the potty in this video, but it doesn't show anything shady so I chose not to.

Braxton Caterpillar Army Crawl from Cecilia Harvey on Vimeo.
Brax has developed and perfected a unique style of crawling that looks like a hybrid between an army crawl and a caterpillar scoot. I don't know why, but he likes to drag himself across the floor and has been doing so for several months now. I thought some of you might want to see it. He's actually pretty efficient at it now.

Brax is Up from Cecilia Harvey on Vimeo.
He is up now! He actually almost knocked himself out the other day when he crawled into the bathroom, pulled himself up on the tub, and landed inside it head first. It's a good thing the tub is always empty unless someone is in it. He escaped with no injuries besides an imprint of the bottom of the tub stamped on his forehead. Also, this video was taken just before nap time. As you might note, his smile wasn't forthcoming. That's his version of ornery. I'll choose it over crying and fussiness, every time.