Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting to Know You- Again

Interview with an ALMOST Three Year-Old from Cecilia Harvey on Vimeo.
I realize it's been a super long time since I've updated. So long, in fact, that some might feel like we are strangers- which is why I'm posting videos of our kiddies.
*please note: Bella actually does have a friend named Isabella, she wasn't saying she is her own best friend.

Interview with an ALMOST Fifteen Month-old from Cecilia Harvey on Vimeo.

*also, please note: Brax can walk up to 8-10 steps, he just doesn't like to do it.


amy said...

oh i miss them so much! This is so so so flippin cute!!!! you forgot to ask her who her fav aunt is!

Amy Breeden said...

Awe! Your kids are so darling! And it's so cute to see Braxton walking!!! You guys are such a WONDERFUL family!!

Eric and Alexis Beus said...

Those videos are so cute!! Bella has the cutest little voice and I loved when she was talking about her bike! :)