Friday, June 27, 2008


Sleeping...again, originally uploaded by Ryan and Cecilia.

Bring on the summer! “Severe weather warnings” usually anticipate tornados and flooding. A similar warning would be courteous before temperatures in the nineties combined with eighty percent humidity. Our little window air conditioner sweats as much as we do. It’s not even July yet!

The humidity has wreaked havoc on Cecilia’s tresses since day one in this state, but she found the solution- Chi. The name sounds like an ancient Chinese secret something, but it’s a really expensive flatiron. Her old one didn’t straighten her hair in the Utah desert let alone in Kansas, and it shorted out on her first day here. At first we balked at the price of the Chi, but Celia declared she wouldn’t do her hair until she got one. Ryan decided it was worth it. Now Celia’s hair is sleeker than ever, even with eighty percent humidity.

Celia’s hair isn’t the only thing getting whipped into shape these days. She took the advice of her favorite aerobics instructor sister-in-law and added the “All Body Attack” workout DVD to her post-partum fitness plan. Celia is now suffering symptoms similar to train wreck victims. Someday she hopes to be able to do more than half the video and add the step bench and weights you are supposed to use.

Ryan however is suffering symptoms similar to new mothers. He is just finishing his first class in the MPA program. Five hour classes twice a week for four weeks + working more than thirty hours a week + actually doing his homework = stress, sleep deprivation and a sore butt. He has maintained a Polly Anna type disposition throughout the ordeal. “It’s the most enjoyment I’ve ever had doing a twenty hour assignment,” Celia heard him say.

Last Friday Ryan took a break from his rigorous schedule and went to Quinn Benion’s house (Quinn is the KU grad that let Ryan stay with him when he came to tour the campus last year) to enjoy dinner with Celia, Bella and Quinn’s family. After dinner Quinn took us on a tour of Kansas City. City managers make wonderful tour guides. He knew all the numbers for renovation budgets, property values and construction projects.

On Saturday we went to an authentic Mexican Fiesta, sponsored by the local Catholic School. Enchildadas, tostadas, burritos and taco salad were available and your choice of beverage, lemonaid or beer. Bella’s nap wasn’t even interrupted by the mariachi band or their ten foot speakers.

Our flatulent Princess has been getting much better at sleeping, which her mother appreciates. She can sleep for more than eight hours at night now. She can’t speak English yet but she does grunt and squeak fluently. She has also discovered two things she really enjoys sucking on, her fist and her tongue. Hopefully she’ll be able to stop sucking her fist before toddler-hood, but I hear tongue sucking can continue into adulthood.

More of the Ryan-Celia-Bella-Kansas Saga coming soon!


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