Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hello from KU

Isabella Cecilia Harvey, originally uploaded by ryanandcecilia.

We have survived our first week in Kansas. We didn’t realize what a feat this was until Thursday night. We watched game 1 of the NBA finals and it almost felt like we were back in Utah. The Tornado warnings interrupted the game often enough to remind us that we are now in the Midwest. Who knows how many tornado warnings we missed the four days before we had the TV plugged in?

Since we’ve been here for a week now, and our list of belongings is short, we now have the disaster area in our apartment organized. To celebrate having a designated room for sleeping, we broke out our unused baby monitors. Ryan is also celebrating by sleeping through the night since Bella can be fed and changed in the front room.

Our ward meets in the world’s smallest institute building. It’s not a young-single-adult ward. It’s not a young-marrieds ward either. It’s the University of Kansas Young-Adult ward. We felt like we were hunting the meat market all over again, but this time we were looking for a couple we might be compatible with. A woman with a healthy appetite for the best books and literature, and a talented-sports-spectator man shouldn’t be too hard to find, should it? There are a few candidates that might prove suitable.

Ryan is doing a budgeting class right now. He almost has as much fun doing his homework as he did looking at stats during the playoffs this year, no joke. Fortunately, interviews are in full swing for the part time internships the students will be working at for the next year. The city of Ottawa has asked for a second interview. We hope that means he has a job, because we get to go to Sheridan’s Frozen Custards to celebrate when he gets one, plus we’ll have money for food during the next year.

Isabella is learning more every day. She now knows when Mommy and Daddy forget to put her on a changing pad or use a burp cloth. The couch, the table cloth and our clothes bear the stains of her gentle reminders. She also knows the difference between her car seat and her parent’s arms, even with her eyes closed.

Cecilia is beginning to show the effects of no internet access. No internet, in conjunction with late nights with Bella, is making the twitch worse. She has enjoyed putting the house together and running errands with her husband and taking advantage of his time before he gets a job. Wal-mart is way more fun with Ryan. There probably won’t be much of that once his school and internship get into full swing.

Well those are a few highlights from our week in Kansas. We would love to hear from you. Tell us what’s going on back in Utah! We love you all!

Ryan, Cecilia and Isabella