Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Isabella phenomenon

This slide show is bound to be an instant hit among Bella fans. I have sifted through numberless pictures of our baby girl and here are some of the favorites. Now you can see her grow up. Enjoy!

Ryan, Celia and Bella


Milly said...

So I just have to say good job! Your blog is super cute, and Bella, wow, what a heartbreaker! She is so cuddly and cute. Seeing her just makes me want to have a little girl so much! She is adorable. No, that isn't an announcement, just someday.

Cecilia said...

Isn't she just? I find myself staring at her while she sleeps, thinking the same thing.

Alicia and Ryan said...

Nice slide show. Very nice.

Also, with this comment, I leave irrefutable proof that I have visited your blog.