Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Harv-Dawg Chimes In

Reading my wife’s entry every week, I just had to get involved. I know that I do not possess near the writing ability that she does, therefore I will be sticking to the numbers. I am going to post the goals that we have made both individually and as a family and update them each week. The purpose of this is not to brag. Rather, it is to motivate Cecilia and me! If we know that we are going to report what we have done, then we will try much harder.

For the benefit of those who, like me, did not fully understand my wife’s entry, I will not be using words like “dearth” and “diatribe.” Rather, I will try to keep the attention of those “numbers” people out there.

Please let me know if you like it or if you would just rather have Cecilia doing the blog.

Here is the list of goals that we have made since arriving in Kansas. Each week I will post our results:
1. We each want to lose 35 pounds. I started at 198 and my wife started at a different weight. We both ate out of control during my wife’s pregnancy and we wanted to trim down and look good for our pool party this December in Utah.
Ryan –14 pounds lost – current weight = 184
Cecilia – 10 pounds lost – current weight = yeah right, I’m not that stupid!

2. Morning & Evening Prayer & Scripture Study – We have had problems in the past of always studying our scriptures together and saying morning and evening prayers together. We now are virtually 100% with our companionship study and prayer at night, but we can’t seem to get in the habit of praying every morning.
Morning Prayer – last week I think we only said our morning prayers 4 out of the 7 days together.
Scripture Study & night prayer – We were a perfect 7 out of 7

3. Tennis - as you know we have started a new sport. We will post how many consecutive hits we got each week
Last week - 35

4. Exercise – Cecilia got a new workout video called body attack. I am on a quest to beat my sister Chelsea in a 5K (3.1 miles) this December. We ran one on Memorial Day and she beat me by 3 ½ minutes. My time was 24:30.
Cecilia – She did the entire workout video (intro, workout, core, & cool down). That is good considering when she first started she barely got halfway through.
Ryan – I ran 31 miles this week (28 on the elliptical). My 3 mile time was 20:37. I was excited that I was catching up to Chelsea until she told me that she ran 7 miles in 45 minutes (I think she was lying).

5. Stay-at-home-Mom – Last week for F.H.E. we read Elder Ballard’s talk from this last conference. We decided that Cecilia needs to develop her talents while she stays at home. She is going to start writing and entering her work into competitions. Also, I said that I would give her at least one night a week for her leave the house by herself to be away from Bella.
Last Week – She started a story about her dad. She is very excited about it!

6. Missionary work – Two weeks ago we had a F.H.E. lesson about missionary work and we practiced how we can approach those we come in contact with about the gospel.
Since then - We talked to two of our neighbors about the gospel and Cecilia gave a pass along card to a stranger at Wal-Mart who was about to have a baby. As she mentioned last week she also did splits with the missionaries.

Sorry that this is so long. I had to make this entry longer because I had to explain the goals. They should be shorter in the future. Again, please let me know if this is any good or if I should leave the blog to the writing expert.


Grondahl Family said...

I thi9nk it is great you are getting in on the blogging. it is a family blog, right? Therefore you have just as much responsibility to write on it as Cecilia does. Keep on writing, and good luck with your goals you two!

Ryan and Celia said...

You did a good job on your first post. I'm proud of you.

Harvdawg said...

Thanks for your comment Amy. I think that you're the only one who reads our blog so we have to respect the opinion of our only fan!

Chelsi said...

You two are amazing!

The Barker's said...

Cecilia! (and Ryan!) I just came across your blog on the Grondahl's site and had to stop in to say hi. It has been so fun to read about all of the things the three of you have been up to and little Isabella is adorable. We miss you guys, and miss your visits each month. Last time I checked Connie hadn't been assigned a new visiting teaching companion yet.

Your goals are great, and you are both an inspiration to us all! Keep up the good work and keep us posted on all the things going on in your life there in Kansas.

Alicia said...

Well, I miss the large vocabulary words, but you have a certain flair for writing yourself. Just make sure you never list Celia's weight and you'll do fine. :)