Friday, November 7, 2008

Back with a Vengence

On Saturday morning, Lawrence appeared peaceful with fall colors blooming on the trees.
The crowd gathered at Memorial Stadium armed with crimson and blue apparel.
We joined the ranks. The stadium was almost full to capacity (I spied an empty seat in the corner).

The week before, Texas Tech humbled us at our homecoming game 63-21. This time we faced off against K-State (an instate rival or something), and KU was there to regain some dignity, which they did 52-21. We left in the third quarter, long after K-State had given up.

Note: I recorded the marching band performing a Michael Jackson medley, but I accidentally erased it. I'm sure you Michael Jackson fans out there would have enjoyed watching the trombonists doing the Thriller dance, but you'll have to look it up on YouTube or something.


Melanie and Jake said...

Hey Harvey,
I found your blog on Devin's. Your little girl is so cute! I have 2 of them now!

Cory and Megan said...

Harvey! I found you on Devin's blog too. Bella is so cute!