Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kitty cat and Bat

Bella was a kitty cat for Halloween, but we got to the "trunk or treat" too late to show off her costume. That was when we rang the Spauldings and arranged a Halloween meeting at Silas & Maddy's. Asher was the cutest bat I've ever seen.

I tried a new flavor last night, called "gold dust." It includes oreos, caramel and snickers. Yum!

Afterward we took Bella to Meagan's party, one of Ryan's classmates. Bella was a hit. All of the guys took turns cuddling her. Meanwhile, Ryan and I socialized and drank the non-spiked cider.

*update: the Batman logo on her costume tag perplexed us until we realized it was a cat woman costume, not a kitty cat. So Bella was cat-baby instead of a kitty and we didn't even know it.


Winters Family said...

What a cute little kitty. I love the little bow on the tail and footprints

Eric and Alexis Beus said...

Oh my goodness, she looks SO cute!! :D

Jess said...

She is so cute and growing so fast!
Will you come make me some ice cream?