Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Food Finger Painting

It has been several months now since she has declined to eat baby food. We have tons of little jars in the cupboard that she will never use. Yesterday she was inexplicably whiny (she woke up this morning with her first tooth!) and this kept her happy for an hour.


Amy said...

How fun for her! Your family has all sorts of fun adventures. I love reading about them. Congrats to Ryan, that is so neat for him, and congrats to Antonio!

Livia said...

I love how you put all the pics together. About the baby food--you can take it to church and give it to the other moms who have little ones. I did that with extra diapers.

Alicia said...


I have chosen the winners of my birthday bash giveaway... your name was not chosen but I am still offering everyone who entered 50% off check out for the details.

Thanks for entering

Robin said...

Great idea for some baby entertainment. I'll have to give that a go.