Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ryan just told me about this video he did last night. It's better than the one I just put up. I'm glad he got some good, lingering footage of our empty picture frames. I swear I'm going to put photos in them.



amy said...

i wanna play hide and seek with bells!

Ryan said...

Come on out to Kansas. She's here 24/7.

Livia said...

She is such a cutie! As for the frames -don't worry we all have some like that. I have some that have been with no pictures for 3 years.

Anika said...

Hey Celia!

I haven't heard from ya in a while! Bella is a cutie, the girls still talk about her! How did the Texas interview go? does bella need any hair bows/flowers? cuz I learned how to make them...gimme a call sometime! I miss ya!