Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alicia's Wedding

Alicia is married, and it happened more than a month ago.
As you can tell, Bella really enjoyed it.
This is the only picture I got of Bella in her dress.

You might notice that the only pictures I have posted are at the Bountiful Temple. Although we also went to a fabulous wedding dinner the night before at The Tiburon, and the wedding reception held in my parent's backyard, my camera didn't see anything but the inside of my purse. I didn't even get a picture of myself in my surprise bride's maid dress. (One of Alicia's three bride's maids was unable to attend the wedding, and since her dress fit me I became her bride's maid by default.)

In case you are wondering, Shaylee doesn't have a case of pre-pubescent acne. They really are mosquito bites.


Alicia said...

Hey, I've got the pictures now. There are some cute ones of Bella in her dress. Remind me and one day I'll send you a copy or something. I'm so glad you guys got to come. :)