Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pasty White Beach Bums

We went to the beach for the first time since living here, and Bella's first time ever. She didn't mind the lack of water toys- we didn't bring buckets, shovels, floaties or anything else. She had a blast running from the sand to the water and back, scooting on her knees in the shallows, kicking the incoming waves, and hanging out in her old bouncer when she got tired. I think that's the most use the bouncer has seen since she was a month old, when she realized she didn't like being strapped down to anything, music and relaxing vibrator notwithstanding.

Somehow, Bella didn't look as pasty as Ryan and I did, although she certainly doesn't get any more sun exposure than we do. I think I should spend a little more time out by the pool in the next couple of weeks, or the Harvey's are going to need protective eye wear when we go up to Pineview.


amy said...

ya i think that is a huge accomplishment to be able to stay that white in a place like texas... i'm actually impressed! j/k I can't wait to see you guys!!... well mostly bells, she is sooo freakin adorable! i call first!!!