Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dinner Party Disaster

We had a family come over for Sunday dinner this week. It was uneventful if you don't count me asking them to go home and grab some ingredients that I ran out of, burning the cake AFTER taking it out of the oven by setting it on a burner that got left on, smoke flavored cake (because cutting off the burnt part isn't sufficient) not even disguised by copious amounts of frosting, a clogged sink (word to the wise, don't ever let a whole potato make it's way into the disposal), and Bella beating up their 8 month old daughter. I wonder if they will ever come over again. Either way, we had fun with them.
**note: That is the actual smoke flavored cake pictured above. Using a serrated knife to saw it into serving sized portions didn't help its aesthetic appeal.


Jason and Jami Thomson said...

You forgot the part where I lost control of the serving spoon and splattered your delicious homemade bbq sauce all over your white suede chairs and cream colored carpet! LOL

We had fun! We will definitely be back...if you'll have us :)