Friday, November 13, 2009

I Heart Faces Fix it Friday

Today's i ♥ faces challenge was fun. I started by sharpening the photo, then did the Coffeeshop action Bold Pop. I lowered the brightness on brightness/ contrast layer to -6 then flattened the image. I used spot healing for the little boogers near his nose, then graussian blur at .8 pixel radius to fix the ones inside his nostril. I added a new overlay layer with grayscale and used white paint at 70% opacity to brighten the eyes. On the same layer I switched the paint to black and lowered brush radius to 5 to define the eyes. Then I added texture. I used a couple textures from Skeletalmess in his Roughed Up collection. I changed texture blending modes to multiply and added layer masks to remove texture from his face and body (used brush at 10% opacity and repeated until I was satisfied). The textures darkened his skin so I added another layer in overlay blending mode with grayscale and used white paint to brighten his face and skin again (10% opacity brush, repeated until satisfied). Flatten and crop. Viola!


Saharra said...

Cute edit!

Owner said...

Nice, its like an screenshot on a movie scene. Yah. Really. Its like the camera was moving then you screenshot it! wow. Nice ! :D

Look at my fix-it friday photo.


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