Friday, November 13, 2009

More Zoo

Last time we went to the zoo we didn't dare try any more than the petting zoo, and even that seemed to be a little lackluster for our little princess. Although it's only been about 3 months since then, she has learned enough new stuff to make the zoo a fun place.
This time Bella had been working on her animal sounds, her favorite being the cow. Every time she spotted an animal that day she shouted "MOOOOOOOOOO!" We tried teaching her the correct sounds but discovered that we don't know what most animals say (anyone know what the giraffe says?), and a disproportionate amount of zoo animals say "Raaaaaaaaar!"
Although the animals interested her this time, nothing captivated her like the merry-go-round. we decided it was worth an extra 1.25 to take her a second time. That girl was a load of fun!


Skylar and Sabrina said...

I think the giraffe is a little mix between the cow and goat sound. At least that's what I imagine.