Monday, May 24, 2010

Brax's 4 month check up

I realize that many of my posts are Bella-centered, so here's one for Braxton.
Saturday was his 4 month birthday and today we had his checkup. The stats look like this:

Weight: 12 lbs 11 oz (10th percentile)
Height: 24.75 inches (50th percentile)
Head: I don't remember (25th percentile)

Brax started rolling from stomach to back the other day. He did it about ten times in a row. He is still the best baby in the world, as in- if every other baby I might have were guaranteed to be like him, I would pop them out in a flash. He loves to talk (so far it's a lot of ooooooooooh ooooooooooooh oooooooooh) and smile. For some reason he loves getting dressed. He puts on the biggest grin every time I pull something over his head. He is super patient with his hyperactive big sister, even when she sits on him and tackles him (her version of a hug and kiss).
We love you Brax!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


It's official! We're just waiting for the diploma in the mail!
Doesn't my hubby look sexy in his cap and gown?
These are his classmates. Congratulations to them too.
These are his biggest supporters
Since the graduation ceremony was in Kansas not many people were able to do the 15 hour drive to get there. Me, Bella, Braxton and Ryan's parents were enough excitement though! Congrats Honey! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Party Animals

We did a small birthday party for Bella while we were in Kansas- small, as in just one friend- because Bella seems to get overwhelmed by lots of kids. Asher was not only her honorary guest at her 2nd birthday party, but he was also her first friend ever. When he started playing with Bella more than a year and a half ago he called her "Bubba" and tried to share his sippy cup with her. Now he speaks in full sentences and she has a sippy cup of her own! As I said in the previous post, Bella LOVED playing with Asher. We are so happy that he and his family could come to her birthday celebration at the park. I'll post graduation pictures next.
p.s. Yes, it is a picture of Bella's first *kiss* and we hope there won't be a second until her 22nd birthday.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Terrific Twos

As I mentioned in the last post, our little princess had a blast on her second birthday. Bella Chased Asher around, we went to Mass St. and had pizza (Bella eats it upside down), had dessert at Silas and Maddy's, and she had a shopping spree. The breakfast lady at the hotel had a surprise for her too. She put two candles in a cinnamon roll and sang happy birthday to her. I'll post party pictures next.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Houston Weather, Nummy, Nummy!

One of my favorite parts about living here is the gorgeous weather. It's fabulous about 8 months of the year. We've been going to the pool almost every day and Bella is in heaven. She starts putting on her swimming suit at about 10:00 every morning without any prompting. I can't hold back my laughs when she puts her legs in the arm holes and gets the bottoms around her waist like a belt.

Recent Major Events

I've been delaying this post because I don't have any pictures of it yet, but I'll do it anyway.

First item of business- RYAN GRADUATED! He now asks that we all call him "Master of Public Administration." His favorite part about having his masters is... No more homework. My favorite part about him having his masters is... No more tuition. You are amazing honey! Congratulations Sweet Heart I am so proud of you!

Second item of business- BELLA IS TWO YEARS OLD! She is a ball of energy at this point, so that hasn't changed. Here are some facts about Bella:

Favorite Food: Coclit (Chocolate)
Favorite Outfit: Pleemming Suit (swimming suit)
Favorite Character: Dora/ LeeMiMi (it's a tie between Dora and Ariel)
Favorite Animal: Monkey
Favorite Person (besides Mommy and Daddy of course): Gama (Grandma)
Favorite Activity: Pleeming (Swimming)
Favorite Book: Dog Go! Dog! (a.k.a. Go Dog! Go!)
Bella loves: reading, riding her bike (it's really a riding toy, we just call it her bike), hiding from Swiper, running around and screaming, repeating EVERYTHING we say, layering on every pair of panties in her drawer, pulling Jayhawk around the house in a shoebox, giving hugs and kisses, collecting random things (like paper, cards, bags, pens, bibs, cups...etc.) and hauling them around with her everywhere she goes, singing, jumping, dancing, making messes, being clean, nose in the eye, going outside, playing at the play ground, teasing us, watching Dora and Little Mermaid, and going to Nursery at church.

She had a blast on her birthday. We did a little birthday party for her (tinkerbell themed)and we only invited one family because lots of kids seems to overwhelm her. We were in Kansas and she hadn't seen this friend for almost a year, but she chased Asher around his house, yard, and park until it was time to go to bed. She had him giggling like a school girl, except when she stole his stick. I wish the Spaulding family could come be our neighbors. It was really fun seeing you guys again!

Third item of business- SHE MADE IT ONTO THE CHARTS! Bella had her 24 month check up and she now registers on the charts.

Weight: 22.14 lbs (3rd percentile)
Height: 31.5 inches (4th percentile)

Congrats Baby Girl! You are such a joy. We love you to pieces!