Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Since I have decided to continue my blog I had better come clean. Before starting our family blog I had read only 1 other person’s blog. Scott Darrington, my former boss, started a blog not too long ago. My favorite part about his blog is that he posts his goals for all to see. I found myself checking his blog just to see how he did on his goals (I know, I am a nerdy number’s person). I am sorry to disappoint all those who thought I was a genius in coming up with this wonderful idea.

Here are this week’s numbers:

Weight Loss –

Cecilia – This Week: .5 pounds Total: 12.5 pounds

Ryan – This Week: 1.5 pounds Total: 18 pounds

The lack in weight loss this week can be directly attributed to the Stod’s wonderful brownies that they sent us in the mail.

Morning & Evening Prayer and Scripture Study –

Morning Prayer – 6 out of 7

Evening prayer and S.S. – 7 out of 7

Once again Sunday morning got the best of us. This time we weren’t able to remember during church.

Tennis – First try: 2 consecutive hits

Second try (after the Bella fiasco): 28 consecutive hits

This number is much lower than we want it to be. The problem is that we really suck at tennis. Do you think that if we practice every week we might get good, or do you think we are doomed to failure? If you watched us play you might answer that question differently.

Exercise –

Cecilia – She reached her goal of doing the entire body attack 3 times this week.

Ryan – Ran 16 miles this week. Ran 3.0 miles in 19:45

Stay-at-home-mom –

Cecilia – No progress writing for competitions. She did get her blog post up though!

Ryan – I played with Bella while I watched the Kansas City Chiefs preseason game. I think I need to reevaluate quality time with my daughter.

Missionary Work –

Celia went out with the missionaries this week, although she didn’t get to teach a lesson.

I accompanied the missionaries on Sunday while they taught Carlos. He is from Mexico and speaks very little English. The missionaries speak no Spanish. That resulted in a first lesson taught by me! It was a good refresher. Carlos is very interested in the gospel.

TV/Reading –

When we made the no TV rule I made sure to include the disclaimer “except for the Olympics.” When I said that I really meant, “except for sports.” My wife didn’t like my reasoning but I convinced her that the Kansas City Chief’s preseason game was extremely important. Besides, I was taking care of Bella so everyone was happy!


Cecilia said...

FYI...I wasn't convinced that a KC Chiefs preseason game was important. I yielded.

wilde said...

Hey that's really cool that you make goals and post the progress!! Way to motivate! I don't like to do that though, because then I'll feel guilty when I see how I'm not accomplishing my goals. Just kidding...