Sunday, August 24, 2008

Surprise, Happy Birthday Marlene!

Today is my favorite Mother-In-Law's birthday. Felicidades! This is, in our opinion, the cutest video of Bella yet, and we are putting it up for Marlene's birthday surprise. We love you! Happy Birthday. Listen closely to decipher what Bella says. It's a code message using a mix of sign language, dolphin squeaks and Morse Code. Tell us what you think she means!

Ryan Celia and Bella


wilde said...

Oh my heck, Cecilia, that is so cute!!! Especially at the end with her big smile! You're so lucky to have such a fun, cute little baby!

Winters Family said...

I love the cute splashing. Alyssa loves it too. I'm also very impressed with your missionary work! Good job!