Friday, October 31, 2008

Baton Man

Why would KU choose a game against a top ten team to be their homecoming game? We kept up with them for the first quarter, but after that they just stomped on us.

The highlight of the game was during half time. They put together an alumni marching band and they played their instruments and lapped the stadium. The baton twirler, the one that marches in front, left the band a mile behind and had to march in place while he waited for them to catch up. I loved his white hair, it looked like he let a beauty college play with it.

Ryan’s favorite part was when I asked if they had “the down” yet, and when I suggested they do an “off-sides kick.” Just as I’ll never speak Spanish like a native speaker, I’ll never speak sports lingo without sounding like a girl who grew up with four sisters.

Besides that, even a terrible defeat can be fun to watch when you have a new camera!

KU Fans. The stadium was packed, even the little corners.


Anonymous said...

spy cam forever! That's my madre...
Bella looks so adorable! You guys look great too! Celia, you're looking good, my friend. You're one hot mama!
besos, kimbacita

Cecilia said...

It's all about spy cam, especially since I now have a camera quick enough to capture evidence.