Sunday, October 5, 2008

Trial, Error and Finally- Success!

Neighbors made many comments as they walked along the communal front patio to their classes. A dining room table, a chair and a dresser/desk in front of our apartment diverted traffic to the grass. The Chinese neighbors told me it looked really great when I had primed the table.

“Thanks, it isn’t finished yet.”

“Oh, but what happened here?” They asked the next day, pointing to the place where I had done the crackle finish.

“I put something there to make the paint crackle. I want it to look old.”

“I see.” He nodded his head, “Do you need to paint it again?”

As I was finishing the table a couple days later the same neighbor gave me a tip.

“If you go to the store, you can buy a table like this, and it will save you lots of time.” I laughed. Mine were free!

I finished the dresser, and must say I out did myself. I hit a few snags at each phase of the process, but after quick panicking, a little scraping and improvising it worked out.


Anika said...

Wow! you did a great job on that dresser! I haven't even done anything THAT ambitious! (so who's domesticated now?)

Cecilia said...

Hehe! I won't call anyone domesticated again. I'm very proud of they way the dresser turned out. I decided to put it in the front room instead of the bedroom, so that the people that peek through our window could see it.