Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Night Before Christmas

The Darley annual Christmas party was scheduled for 5:30 at Anika and Jeff's house, but due to reports of a pending winter storm- rumored to hit by 3:00 and bury the bench in two feet of snow- it was changed to Mom and Dad's house. Ryan and I had a special gift ready to give Neal. We drew his name and I was feeling particularly nostalgic after I wrote a story about a present I had given him (in conjunction with Alicia) years ago. I shared the story at our ward relief society party. Ryan and I decided to renact it.

We bought a pair of whitie tighties and a king sized snickers. I mashed up the snickers and placed it inside the underwear with a little note, just like before. This time he laughed instead of storming off to his room. We had another present for him too. This year we got the spirit of giving a little sooner than usual, probably because I wasn't worrying about finals until a week before Christmas, and with that extra bit of time we worked hard to make our gifts meaningful.

Neal recently made a life altering decision at church. He concluded that video games were taking up too much of his time, and thus resolved to sell his XBOX 360, his games and his new flat panel HD tv. When I saw this T-shirt I knew it was fate.
One of my favorite parts about Christmas is singing around the Piano with my mom and sisters.

The Nativity is always the highlight of Christmas Eve. Especially for Dad.

We were just happy to be with the cutest nieces in the world.