Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On the Sixth Day...

Ryan, Brianna, Bella, my dad, and I decided to brave the elements to go to Cedar City for a visit with my paternal grandparents. As we neared Kaysville we understood that it wasn't the smartest idea to use a Honda Accord as a five passenger sled, but persevered because we also had the responsibility to deliver an anonymous package to our cousins in Orem. By Farmington we changed our minds about being brave and all agreed to try the trip to Cedar City another day and we would turn back after we emptied our hands of the secret present. Never the less, we waded through fresh snow and slush, up hill the whole way, and without shoes, to Orem.

Dad parked around the corner from the culdesac where the Mosses reside. I promised to be as anonymous as possible, but if they happened to see me I was going to use their bathroom. I raced through the knee-deep powder toward the house. My shoes filled with snow and my hair and eyebrows turned white. I looked up as I approached the driveway and screamed. Meagan, my youngest cousin, lurked in the doorway staring straight at me.

After the secret was out they invited us in and played with Bella for a while before we went out into the cold again. We all returned to Layton minus an anonymous package and almost a whole can of mixed nuts. We gained two unexpected days to prepare for Christmas though.