Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On the Fourth Day of Utah

On our fourth day in Utah we went to Salt Lake with my family again to see Savior of the World. I have never seen it before. We got tickets thanks to my Dad, who was willing to go sit around in Salt Lake three hours before the showing to see if we could acquire some tickets that wouldn't be used. We loved it! It helped me to see the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ in a new perspective.

Ryan’s dad came home from his business trip to Arizona. We surprised him at the airport, but we forgot the “welcome home” signs and balloons. He was so excited to see us when he got down the escalator that he went straight to Bella and snatched her out of Marlene’s arms before greeting anyone else.

Mark treated the whole family to dinner in celebration of his return/ Chelsea’s birthday. Our party of 12 took up one of the Olive Garden dining rooms. Reagan, our waitress, had to weave in and out of coats, car seats and booster chairs to give us our food. She shouted to be heard over the conversations and jokes being passed around the table. Darren was kind enough to listen, but I don’t think anyone else noticed she was there.