Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On the Second day of Utah...

On our second day in Utah we visited Shaylee, Ellie, Chloe, Anika and Jeff. We met our new nephew Grant Hodson Davis too. He is two and a half months old and roughly the size of Bella. Shay, Ellie and Chloe were just as excited to see Bella as they were the day she was born, although this time Ellie didn’t cry when we wouldn’t let her “borrow” Bella. As for Isabella, she is much more responsive than she was at two weeks old. The girls were delighted that she didn’t just sleep the whole time, even though she wouldn’t hold still long enough for them to hold her. Their favorite game was jumping into Bella’s path and shaking dolls and bracelets in front of her as she cruised around the room. I’m not sure if Bella shared our enthusiasm for this activity. She took a 3.5 hour nap afterward.

We hosted the Dawg Christmas party that night (“Dawg” refers to a group of my husband’s high school friends). Not everybody could make it, but the important ones were there-j/k. The Stods made an appearance. Stoker and Emily came down from Logan. Jordan and Emily (a different Emily) appeared around 10:00 but the party was still going (at our age, after ten o’clock our stamina can be questionable). They brought their first born as well. Emily and I enjoyed terrorizing the other wives with our stories of giving birth, while the guys played Rock Band downstairs. The boys didn’t break the drum pedal this time, but they did bring their own as a precautionary measure.

I didn't document either of these events on my camera, and I didn't find any photos on facebook either. That is why there is a random picture at the top of the post. I figure everyone will be happy as long as Bella is in it, right?