Friday, January 30, 2009

Not Washing Machine Safe

After Bella’s performance at the doctor’s office my tennis shoes needed more than just a rinse. Ryan was a gem and put them through the wash for me, but they came out really deformed. I’ve put them through the wash before, and this wasn’t one of the side effects. It might be a blessing in disguise. Those shoes were on sale for twenty dollars when I bought them in Puerto Rico two and a half years ago. Running shoes have a recommended life span of six months. Now I spent the remainder of my Christmas gift money on new shoes and a non-knee-pounding workout video. The new shoes are as hideous as their predecessors. I like to keep with tradition.


Amy said...

What a great way to get new shoes! When I need some new ones I may have to try that trick.

Livia said...

Nice blog Cecilia. I am glad that you blog:)

What is the name of your new exercise tape?

Cecilia said...

Thanks! It's called "Cathe- low impact circuit." I love it! If only I had a step bench!