Monday, September 15, 2008

Chick-Flicks and Fingernail Polish

On Friday Meagan Spaulding, Rachel Anderson and I had a girl’s night. We braved the pouring remains of hurricane Ike and multiple tornado warnings, to watch a chick-flick and paint our nails. Rachel is 38 weeks pregnant. I tried to counter Meagan’s horror story of her 24 hour labor with Asher, by telling Rachel about the ten minute pushing it took to get Bella out.

When I was pregnant, after conversations with various mothers, I went home with wide eyes, imagining botched episiotomies and tampon-happy interns. I vowed to try not to scare new mothers with my own anecdotes.

Ryan didn’t mind missing girl’s night. He and Bella hung out in the Laundromat, washing and folding clothes/ watching the KU game on ESPN2. He didn’t mind, that is, until the game was over. He did mind the remaining hour before I went to pick him up


Sunset said...

Aww I miss our girls nights! We used to have so much fun.

P.S.... I'm pregnant!