Thursday, September 11, 2008

KU sports

I have never really been interested in college football until now. The past two weeks we have gone to the football games and I have been in heaven. I can’t wait for basketball season to start. If I become too big of a fan then we might have to live in Kansas forever so that I can go to all of their games every year!

Here are this week’s numbers:

Weight Loss –
Cecilia – This Week: 2.5 pounds Total: 21.0 pounds
Ryan – This Week: 0 pounds Total: 22.0 pounds

Morning & Evening Prayer and Scripture Study –
Morning Prayer – 7 out of 7
Evening prayer and S.S. – 7 out of 7
We did it! Hopefully we can keep it up

Exercise –
Cecilia – She was sick so she took the week off.
Ryan – Ran 8 miles this week.

Stay-at-home-mom –
Cecilia – Now that she finished her dad’s stories, she has turned her attention to her mom.

Missionary Work –
Jimmy Dean came to church again this week. On Thursday he is going to come over with the missionaries for dinner.

Homework –
I started my new goal of doing 2 hours of homework per day last Thursday and I am 100% so far.