Sunday, September 7, 2008

Soggy and Starving

Last night we went to another KU game. This time we wore appropriate KU apparel, but nobody would have seen if we were both wearing pink. We kept our jackets zipped up tight the whole game. We shivered through Gustav’s leftovers for four hours.
Ryan didn’t notice the soggy jeans as he cheered from the General Admissions seats, away from the students’ lack of vocabulary. I did see something that I haven’t seen since last April, my breath. I’ve also glimpsed the depth of Ryan’s devotion to football.

Last night was also the first time we have been out without Bella, except once when we were back in Utah. Assuming Bella had mastered the bottle and drinking formula, we didn’t worry about her starving while we left her with the Spauldings for five hours. I didn’t miss changing her diapers, or trying to feed her in public without getting cited for indecent exposure.
It turns out Bella hasn’t mastered taking formula from anybody besides us.


Grondahl Family said...

Wow, it sounds like you two are really tearing up the town! That is so great that you can get out on your own sometimes. Good luck teaching her to take formula from others, and congrats on all your goals you two! You are so awesome!