Sunday, September 14, 2008

Unglunking Bella's Gunk

Today I read some Dr. Seuss with Bella on our bed. After the Glunk got unthunk, I glanced at her to see if she thought it was as fun as I had. Her legs were pumping a hundred miles an hour, which is normal, but her eyes gaped with terror and her face was red. She wasn’t making any noises and she couldn’t breathe. I snatched her off the bed and whisked her into the front room.

“Ryan she’s choking!” Patting her back didn’t clear her airway and impressive amounts of spit bubbles escaped her lips. Ryan took her and tried patting her back too, but she just kept kicking and bubbling.

“Find the booger-sucker!” He said holding her up. I came back with the thing and sucked out some stuff in her throat and nose. She breathed again after that, and whimpered as I continued clearing who-knows-what out of her mouth. She didn’t have any foreign objects lurking in there.

Now I’m afraid when she isn’t making noises that she’s choking. Am I freaking out about nothing? Or is this abnormal? I’ve never heard of this happening to other babies, and this is the second time.

On the upside, Bella is almost sitting up by herself. She can do it for a little bit, but usually plunks backward after thirty seconds.


Robin said...

I've never had that problem with Shaun or Reese, but maybe was she choking on her spit or maybe spit up while she was reclined?? That's so scary though, good luck with figuring out what's going on. Also, I do some "work" from home. Right now it works out to 200 a month at best. Email if you are interested.

wilde said...

Wow that's scary!! I don't think I've ever heard of that before, but I'm not a mom and don't usually talk to people about things like that, so who knows? But I'm glad you guys figured out what to do to take care of it! You're a good mom!