Sunday, September 21, 2008

Woes and Wasps

I have a new personal record for cell phone possession time. I’ve had the same cell phone since I got home from my mission more than two years ago (I did trade phones with Ryan about five months ago, but I didn’t buy a new one). Before I think the longest I went was almost nine months. Ask Brianna. My discarded cell phones formed the hearty foundation of her cell phone collection.

This week my phone called it quits. The outside screen was already broken, due to a mishap involving a food tray last year, but I furthered the damage when I used my purse to flatten a wasp that was meandering across the keyhole of our trunk when I came out of Wal-Mart. The purse’s “thunk” sounded a little heavier than I though it should, but didn’t think anything of it until Ryan called me a minute later. Shards of spider-webbed glass fell into my hand as I pressed the phone to my ear. Ryan taped the remaining glass in place as a safety precaution. A day later the inside screen quit, and after a final drop on our uncarpeted floor, not even the on/off button works.

It just so happens that all of this is happening simultaneously with Ryan’s phone grief. His keypad works in random intervals averaging one in seven days. While Ryan is out of town, I have no way to contact anyone besides e-mail. T-Mobile would only ship my upgrade to the Harvey home in Syracuse, so I’m sure I have a long wait ahead of me. The good news is, since neither Ryan nor I have phones we aren’t likely to go over our minutes this month.