Saturday, September 6, 2008

Toupee Party and a Mini-Me

On Thursday we watched a toupee and suit coat pep rally. The Republican National Convention brought memories of pom-poms and a packed high school gymnasium chanting morale-boosting rhetoric. John McCain officially accepted the republican presidential nominee among similar behavior. I haven’t decided which of the two presidential hopefuls to vote for. By the time Romney dropped out of the primaries I was all politicked out and haven’t recovered since. I finally looked up the plans that McCain and Obama propose, but they are so long that I haven’t slogged through much of them yet. Obama has some good ideas on how things should be (with health care, foreign policy and education anyway), but as far as I have seen, has no suggestions on how to pay for it. I like McCain’s running mate better than I do McCain, mostly because of her dedication to family values.

Last night we did a kid swap with the Spauldings. If we have a little boy, I would be pleased if he was just like Asher. He likes to hold Bella’s hand and stroke her hair. When Bella isn’t available, he wanders from the computer to the outlets and then fans, changing my email preferences, pulling cords, and almost chopping his fingers off.

After I met Asher, I couldn’t figure out who he reminded me of until two days later. He looks like the pictures I saw of Ryan when he was little. Harvey’s, you’ll have to decide if I’m delusional, but I think Ryan has a mini-me.