Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweet Potatoes and Stomach Acid Nine Month Check-Up

Bella's nine month check up was scheduled for today. Once we made it into the doctor's office, the nurse had me strip her down for the ceremonial weighing and measuring. As soon as I had her down to the diaper she became a human fountain of vomit, drenching my coat, pants, shoes, sweater and the carpet. When she finally finished the purge we had to use half of the paper towels in the office to clean it up. Being violently ill didn't get her out of the weigh-in or measuring. Here are her stats:

As you can see, Bella's stats are slightly higher than at six months.
Height Percentile +1
Weight Percentile +0
Head Circumpherence ?
I believe she would have hit at least 14 pounds if she hadn't thrown up her last meal, including the sweet potatoes. The doctor concluded that besides the vomit marinating her office carpet, Bella is in good health and is developing perfectly.
This is Bella, sucking down Pedialite as per doctor's orders.
She's still a sweet heart, even when she is really sick.

There is a pro to her tummy ache. She cuddled with me for an hour before taking her second two and a half hour nap of the day.


Melanie and Jake said...

My little girl Kaylee was alway on the 0% for weight too!

How do you know Erin and Dan Langford? Erin is my cousin.

Ryan said...

Dan's brother, Joey, is my wife's sister's boyfriend. Her name is Julia Darley. Small world.

Ryan said...

Oops! My wife just informed me that it is more than just a relationship through her sister. In fact, my wife, Erin and Dan were all in the same singles ward together. They because friends then.

amy said...

poor baby - ahh i miss her soooo much! and you two as well.